Owner Relations

Attention Louisiana and Texas Royalty Owners and Partners

After the original Form 1099 for 2013 was sent to you, a systems issue was identified which resulted in incorrect amount(s) reported to you on the original form.  We will be issuing corrected Form 1099s to all Royality Owners and Partners impacted by this issue.  Please disregard the original incorrect Form 1099 provided to you and use the amounts reported on our corrected Form 1099 to prepare and report your 2013 Tax Information.  If you have further questions, please contact our Owner Relations Call Center at 1-877-311-1443 or email us.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

In 2011, BHP Billiton acquired shale assets in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas making us one of the ten largest independent upstream oil and gas companies in the world by resource.

We strive to maintain a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with our land owners. In order to serve you in the most efficient manner, you can direct queries to key contacts in the business, download commonly requested forms, access frequently asked questions and our documentation requirements through the following links:

Name Change of PetroHawk subsidiaries to the BHP Billiton Petroleum brand (PDF 204kb)

All Production Units

Fayetteville Production Unit (Arkansas Properties)

Local Resources

Eagle Ford Production Unit (South/Central Texas Properties)

Haynesville Production Unit (East Texas/Louisiana Properties)

Local Resources

Permian Production Unit (West Texas Properties)

Local Resources

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