Aluminium, Manganese & Nickel

A global producer and supplier of primary aluminium, alumina, nickel and manganese ore and alloys, with operations on three continents.

  • About Aluminium, Manganese & Nickel

    Our aluminium business has a portfolio of assets in three stages of the primary aluminium value chain:  mining bauxite, refining bauxite into alumina and smelting alumina into aluminium metal.  We are one of the world's largest integrated producers with operations in South America, Southern Africa and Australia.

    Aluminium is a widely used non-ferrous metal with demand driven by end use consumption in transportation, packaging, construction and household items.

    Our nickel business is one of the world's largest nickel miners, the fifth largest refined nickel producer and a global supplier of nickel to the stainless steel industry.  We have two producing assets located in Australia and Colombia.

    Austenitic stainless steel, or nickel-containing stainless steel, promotes a more stable and ductile structure that contributes to corrosion resistance.  This product is instrumental to many industries including architecture, transport, aerospace, medical and heavy industries as well as chemical processing and energy applications.  Nickel is also an essential element in many non-stainless steel applications like specialty alloys, foundry, chemicals and refractory material industries.

    Our manganese business has two producing assets located in Australia and South Africa and is a world leader in the seaborne supply of manganese ore and a global producer of manganese alloy.

    Manganese is an indispensable element in the manufacturing of steel, which in turn is an essential material in many industries including construction and transportation.  Its use in the steel making process results in increased strength, resistance and machinability.

  • Leadership

    Daniel Malchuk, President, Aluminium, Manganese & Nickel

    Daniel was appointed President Aluminum, Manganese and Nickel in May 2013.  Previously he was the President of Minerals Exploration, a position he held from July 2012.  He worked for the Company between 1996 and 1998 in BHP Copper in the USA and has held a number of roles in the Base Metals business since he rejoined BHP Billiton in 2002.  In 2006 he took the role of Asset Leader Joint Ventures and was also Vice President Strategy and Development in Base Metals.  Daniel has a Civil Industrial Engineering degree  from the University of Chile and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

  • Assets

    Aluminium South Africa

    Our Hillside and Bayside smelters are located at Richards Bay, South Africa.  The operation is fully owned and operated by BHP Billiton.

    Hillside is one of the world’s most advanced and efficient aluminium smelters, produces high quality primary aluminium and it is the largest producer of standard aluminium ingots in the southern hemisphere.

    Bayside is the only producer of value-added primary aluminium products in Southern Africa that is all used for the local market.

    Cerro Matoso, Colombia

    Cerro Matoso is the world's second largest producer of ferronickel and one of the lowest cost producers.  Located near the town of Montelíbano in northern Colombia, the Asset combines a lateritic nickel ore deposit with a low cost ferronickel smelter.  The smelter produces high-purity, low-carbon ferronickel granules.

    Manganese Australia

    The mining operation at Groote Eylandt Mining Company (GEMCO) extracts high-grade manganese ore using open-cut, strip mining methods.  GEMCO accounts for more than 15 per cent of the world’s high-grade ore production with approximately 70 per cent of its production exported around the globe.

    Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company (TEMCO) is a ferroalloy smelter located 50 kilometres north of Launceston at Bell Bay on the coast of Tasmania, Australia.  The operation remains the only manganese ferroalloy plant in Australia and produces high-carbon ferromanganese, silicomanganese and sinter.

    Manganese South Africa

    Wessels is an underground mine of hydro-thermally enriched manganese ore of a high grade.  The variety in grade of ores enables Manganese to offer a range of products suitable for all applications.

    Mamatwan is an opencast operation.  The ore lends itself to technologically advanced beneficiation processes.

    Metalloys is located in Meyerton, roughly 55 kilometres south of Johannesburg, South Africa.  With three large electric furnaces, and a forth being constructed, Metalloys produces high-carbon and medium-carbon ferromanganese.

    Mozal, Mozambique

    The Mozal aluminium smelter in Mozambique is a joint venture in which BHP Billiton has a 47.1 per cent interest.  Our partners include Mitsubishi Corporation (25 per cent), Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (24 per cent) and the Government of Mozambique (3.9 per cent). Mozal produces standard aluminium ingots.

    Nickel West, Australia

    Nickel West is a fully integrated mine to market business comprising mines, concentrators, a smelter and refinery. All our Nickel West Operations are in Western Australia and include:

    • Mt Keith - a large, open-cut nickel mine and concentrator.
    • Leinster - two underground nickel mines and concentrator.
    • Kalgoorlie - a nickel concentrator and smelter which produce nickel concentrate and nickel matte.
    • Kwinana - produces nickel metal in the form of London Metal Exchange grade nickel briquettes and nickel powder as well as a range of saleable co-products.

    Worsley, Australia

    The Asset consists of two operations in Western Australia – a mine (Boddington) and a refinery (Collie). BHP Billiton owns 86 per cent of the Boddington bauxite mine and Worsley alumina refinery in a joint venture with Japan Alumina and Sojitz.  The Boddington bauxite mine supplies bauxite ore to the Worsley alumina refinery, the second largest in southern hemisphere.

    Joint Ventures

    Alumar, Brazil

    BHP Billiton owns 36 per cent of the Alumar refinery and 40 per cent of the Alumar smelter.  Both facilities are operated by Alcoa.  The operations, and their integrated port facility, are located at Sao Luis in the Maranhao province of Brazil.

    Mineração Rio do Norte, Brazil

    MRN is operated as an incorporated joint venture between BHP Billiton (14.8 per cent), Alcoa and affiliates (18.2 per cent), Vale (40 per cent), Rio-Tinto Alcan (12 per cent), Votorantim (10 per cent) and Hydro (5 per cent).  BHP Billiton’s portion of the bauxite off-take is supplied to the Alumar Refinery.​

  • Sostenibilidad en acción/Sustainability in action

    Sostenibilidad en acción

    Desde el inicio de las operaciones en 1982, Cerro Matoso ha desarrollado acciones de responsabilidad social encaminadas a mejorar el nivel de calidad de vida de los habitantes del Alto San Jorge, sur del Departamento de Córdoba, en Colombia.

    La empresa ha asumido la responsabilidad social como un legado para la sociedad y, adicional a la inversión social, ha contribuido con principios, valores y un estilo ético de hacer las cosas que generan tanto o mayor impacto positivo que dicha inversión.

    Cerro Matoso concentra su gestión social en 4 pilares: salud - incluida agua y saneamiento básico-, educación, generación de ingresos y fortalecimiento institucional. Estos han marcado la diferencia en la región del Alto San Jorge, como área de influencia directa de la operación de Cerro Matoso y que comprende los municipios de Montelíbano, Puerto Libertador, La Apartada y San José de Uré.

    Cerro Matoso cuenta, asimismo, con un modelo de responsabilidad social que se basa en la Guía de Responsabilidad Social ISO 26000 y que además incorpora los estándares internacionales de BHP Billiton, los principios de sostenibilidad de la industria minero-metalúrgica y los principios del Pacto Global.

    Sustainability in action

    Since operations began in 1982, Cerro Matoso has undertaken social responsibility initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the people in Alto San George, in the south of the Department of Córdoba, Colombia.

    The company views social responsibility as a legacy for society. It respects human rights and has delivered its social investment in line with strong principles, values and ethics.

    Cerro Matoso focuses its social investment in the areas of: health (including water and basic sanitation), education, income generation and institutional strengthening. These initiatives have made a positive impact in the region of Alto San Jorge, which is in close proximity to Cerro Matoso's operation, and includes the municipalities of Montelíbano, Puerto Libertador, La Apartada and San José de Uré.

    Cerro Matoso also has a social responsibility model that is based on the Social Responsibility Guide ISO 26000 and also incorporates the BHP Billiton Charter values, the sustainability principles of the International Council of Mining and Metals and the Global Compact principles.

    Además de las clases de inglés, la Fundación Educativa de Montelíbano ha organizado charlas de orientación psicológica con padres de familia, jornadas de desparasitación, brigadas de cepillado y apoyo en jornadas recreativas.

    Niños en Montelíbano aprenden inglés (PDF 256kb)​

    In addition to English classes, the Montelíbano Education Foundation has organized counseling with parents, de-parasite treatment sessions, brushing brigades and support through recreational days.

    Children in Montelíbano learn English (PDF 257kb)​

    Como parte de sus buenas prácticas ambientales, Cerro Matoso adelanta la producción de compost a partir del aprovechamiento de los residuos sólidos orgánicos húmedos en sus centros de producción de alimentos.

    Producción de compost, práctica ambiental de Cerro Matoso (PDF 507kb)​

    As part of its commitment to the environment, Cerro Matoso produces compost using the wet organic solid waste from its food production centers.

    Using compost to benefit both business and the environment (PDF 503kb)​

    En el departamento de Córdoba, Colombia, sólo el 11 por ciento de los adultos jóvenes acceden a educación superior, técnica o tecnológica.

    Cerro Matoso apoya la Feria de Oportunidades Educativas (346kb)​

    In the department of Córdoba, Colombia, only 11 per cent of young adults reach higher, technical or technological education.

    Cerro Matoso supports the Education Opportunities Fair (PDF 346kb)​

    Las empresas contratistas constituyen el 60 por ciento del personal que labora en Cerro Matoso.

    Gestión responsable con empresas contratistas (PDF 541kb)​

    Contractors represent 60 per cent of the personnel working in Cerro Matoso.

    Working towards Zero Harm: strengthening HSEC among contractors (PDF 539kb)​

    La empresa cumple con las obligaciones legales de mejoramiento educativo de sus empleados y de la comunidad; además, voluntariamente, desarrolla iniciativas de formación.

    La educación, legado de Cerro Matoso (PDF 419kb)​

    The company goes beyond its legal obligation to improve education among its employees and the community, voluntarily providing training initiatives.

    Education: one of Cerro Matoso’s greatest legacies (PDF 418kb)​

    El principal objetivo de este proyecto fue reforzar la calidad de los servicios de salud de la región del Alto San Jorge colombiano a través de una mejora de la infraestructura y la dotación de equipos.

    Modernización Hospital Local de Montelíbano (PDF 615kb)​

    Modernising the hospital has helped to improve the quality of health services in Alto San Jorge, Colombia.

    Strengthening health services in Alto San Jorge (PDF 612kb)

    La redefinición del modelo de gestión de la Fundación San Isidro obedece a la necesidad de generar un mayor impacto en las comunidades ubicadas en el área de influencia de Cerro Matoso.

    Nueva estrategia en la Fundación San Isidro (PDF 539kb)

    A new management model for the San Isidro Foundation will help to ensure a greater impact on Cerro Matoso’s local communities.

    New strategy at the San Isidro Foundation (PDF 538kb)​

    El taller Fundamentos Básicos de Responsabilidad dirigido a proveedores y contratistas tuvo como principal objetivo fomentar la formulación del Plan de Gestión en Responsabilidad Social de cada empresa.

    Fundamentos de responsabilidad social (PDF 515kb)​

    The key objective of Cerro Matoso’s Responsibility Fundamentals workshop was to help its partners develop Social Responsibility Management Plans for their own companies.

    Social responsibility fundamentals (PDF 512kb)​​