Code of Business Conduct

Committed to working with integrity

Wherever we operate we do so with integrity - making the right decisions and doing things the right way. The BHP Billiton Code of Business Conduct sets the standard for our commitment to working with integrity and provides guidance for everyone who works for, or on behalf of, BHP Billiton.  The Code outlines how we conduct our business activities, and places a priority on upholding a high ethical standard and establishing trust with our stakeholders.

Raising a business conduct concern

We encourage a workplace where people ask if they are unsure what to do.  Likewise, we urge those outside the company to raise queries and concerns about the business conduct framework that underpins how we do business.

The BHP Billiton Business Conduct Advisory Service is a worldwide service that is designed to facilitate the resolution of business conduct queries and issues.  You can contact the Business Conduct Advisory Service by telephone (including international free call), online, facsimile or mail.  For further details please see the inside back cover of the Code of Business Conduct.