About Marketing

BHP Billiton’s Marketing organisation is responsible for managing the Group’s revenue line, which includes:

  • selling our products and the purchase of all major raw materials;
  • the supply chain for our various products, from asset to market, and raw materials, from suppliers to asset;
  • managing credit and price risk associated with the revenue line;
  • achieving market clearing prices for the Group’s products;
  • defining our view of long-term market fundamentals. 

The Marketing organisation has hubs in Singapore and Houston with marketers located in regional offices close to our customers. This ensures we are able to meet our customers' needs and understand the markets that underpin our business.

Our market insight is strengthened by the multi-commodity nature of our business, our proximity to our customers and the easy flow of information in our centralised marketing structure. Not only does this allow us to form a more robust view of long-term market fundamentals, but it also positions us to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace as they arise.​


Arnoud Balhuizen, President Marketing and Supply